Friday, April 20, 2012


You know, when you're young it's explained that you are going to learn more in those years than the rest of your life, and your mind is like a sponge. That after that, you can learn more, however it will slow down and it won't come as easily.

Now as I draw a close to my 21st year of life, I feel as though my understanding of the world to be accelerating rapidly rather than slowing down. I draw in information and yearn for more, want to learn, and need to learn. I realize that I am still young, and that my life is still nearer the beginning than the end, yet my thirst for knowledge will never be satiated. My word usage has become more complex, and I am able to formulate personal feelings in writing without getting frustrated as I used to.

I can't wait to see what is in store for humanity, but I feel as though the only way that we can ensure anything is to accept when we are wrong and praise ourselves upon learning new things, no matter what they are. The reasoning for this is easily (hopefully) understood with this picture:

We only inhabit a small portion of that graph, and many animals have come before and many are sure to come after. But if we stick with the idea that we know all there is to know, or that anything we don't know doesn't need to be understood, I fear the worst, since that will be the end of reasoning and logical thought. Why go into the night as a second on the face of a clock rather than understand the last 23 hours and use that knowledge to start a new day?

- Jeremy

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