Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Central Themes? Meh...Let's Talk About...Sexting!

I actually been asked recently if there will be any particular order to my posts, if I'll keep with a regular scheduling of postings, etc. The answer to this is, well, kind of.

You see, my mind tends to wander when it comes to certain things that I may have to remember, so I could make a new post anywhere from 1-4 days, depending on if I have something really bugging me on my mind or that is deserving of a post.

Anything now? Damn...coffee break!

That being said, content...what can I say? My mind is aglow with infinitely mishmash-ed ideas or questions, and those are all randomly brought to the forefront of my mind (hence hodgepodges + such). One such question would have to deal with a recent foyer into that wonderful TV channel that every male with a significant other meets: Lifetime.

Don't get me wrong, they do a wonderful job in creating awareness of certain problems facing our society today, but they tend to focus on storytelling and not on issue. One gem that I just watched tonight is called "Sexting in Suburbia". It did an OK job of telling the story of a teen who kills herself after a picture that she sent to her boyfriend via MMS (not SMS or texting considering that those are just composed of, you know...text...but whatever that's me being picky).

*Also, that's not a spoiler, she does it in the beginning of the movie*

Weird that Sexting in Suburbia on Google Images turns this up...that picture must have been scary as all get out! 

Anywho, unless much has changed in the way that social orders works in high school since I left, it was a very dramatized way that they characterized it, and the director was after the more shock value and generalization than, in my opinion, decent storytelling.

I'm not saying that teens in high school aren't vicious and will tear any weak point a person has wide open and show it to all. What I'm saying is that they took what most people might be thinking  yet keeping to themselves and instead had this interesting "Look at that slut" out loud part. They also got a little jab in for the Don't Text & Drive campaign, which was a nice touch, but once again, I hope, at least, that that was portrayed as worse than teens actually do when texting/driving.

I mean, honestly, if that's how kids are in school, I fear for the human race...instead of working towards a common goal (hippie!) we instead attack and insult and spit at each other until nothing is left but empty shells of inconsiderate, spoiled, and unintelligent brats whose goal in life is to own the newest iPhone or sexy skinny jeans (or think that cars drive themselves and have no regard for the safety of the road)...I wonder if the weather on Europa is nice this time of year?

So you say it's chilly...hmm...maybe so, but why the hell not?! Let's do it!

But hey, could just be me being a "typical" guy who enjoys a good Monty Python skit rather than the interesting acting in a Lifetime movie.

Plus side, Dina, the bullied girl, was from Vampires Suck, which just made me think that her boyfriend should be called Edward the whole time.

Feelings on the matter? Please point out any problems, I may just be too nit-picky with the movie.

- Jeremy

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